The PNUC Renewable Energy Co-Operative was able to implement a solar project from start to finish at Port Nelson United Church in just over two years. Planning started taking place in May of 2012. With many meetings under our belt, we received council approvla and a loan for incorporation and activation fees to see if a small FIT contract could be awarded. The project was completely finished and  operational by December 2014.

The idea to explore the option of applying for a solar generating facility, on the roof at Port Nelson United Church, grew out of a small Port Nelson team working on a potential renovation plan for the church spaces.

A decision was made in December 2012 by the “first directors” to apply to incorporate a co-operative in order to qualify as a community participation project on an application for a Small Feed-In-Tariff (Small FIT) (V2.1) contract with the Ontario Power Authority (OPA).

It was necessary to identify the initial board of directors in order to incorporate the Co-operative. The initial board of directors was composed of five (5) Co-operative members. They were:

  1. Cathy Greven
  2. Mat Ardron
  3. John Zinkie
  4. Jackie Kingston
  5. Brad Smith

The Certificate of Incorporation and the Ontario Corporation Number was issued to PNUC Renewable Energy Co-operative Inc on   January 14, 2013.


Solar Panels 2